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Benjamin Block is an Edmonton, Alberta based lawyer practising in:

About Benjamin J. Block

Ben was born and raised in Edmonton and pursued his post-secondary education at the University of Alberta.  After earning a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction in 2004 he continued on to attend the Faculty of Law, graduating in 2009.  Ben began his career with Brownlee LLP in Edmonton and joined Hillenbrand Kozicki LLP in 2011, seeking the flexibility of a smaller firm.  At HK, Ben practised a blend of civil litigation and business law, which allowed him to act for businesses when times were good, and appear in Court when things went wrong.  However, in 2015 Ben’s entrepreneurial spirit lead him to branch off into independent practice, now focusing on business law and helping other entrepreneurs chase their dreams.

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Benjamin Block
Block Law
#203, 2520 Ellwood Drive
Edmonton, Alberta
T6X 0A9

Ph. 780-628-0638
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