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No amibiguous fees. No pretentious language. No stuffy offices.

We strive to offer straightforward, practical advice by combining legal analysis, real-life business experience, and a genuine interest in reaching solutions. At the same time, we work hard to become trusted advisors to our clients, supporting them in reaching their goals, large or small.

Finally, we know business doesn’t always take place in a conference room. Technology and flexibility allow our team to be more responsive, economical and client-oriented than many traditional law firms.

Contact us today and see for yourself…law really can be done differently.

Business Law

Someone once said “if you want to ruin a deal, call a lawyer”.  Well, that’s not the case here.  We work with you to find the win-win, chase your dreams and do our best to keep you protected on the road to success.

Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest transactions of your life, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating, time consuming or confusing.  Our team will guide you every step of the way, navigate any challenges, and hopefully make the “legal part” not so painful.

Start-ups & Tech

We love a great idea and love even more to help one get started.  We also know internet startups have a unique needs and operate in an environment that needs to move fast.  We have supported several startups from day 1 and look forward to doing the same for you.

Alberta Provincial Court Civil: A More Accessible Option for Justice

The reality of today’s legal system is that the cost of litigation can quickly exceed the recovery sought.  Between legal fees and the investment of their own time in the many procedural steps that can come with a law suit, I often advise my business owner clients to...

I would like to buy a business, should I buy the shares or the assets?

I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug from a young age.  From running lemonade stands, to calling leasing agents and trying to open an arcade at the age of 12, I eventually worked my way up to owing a number of small businesses.  Some were success stories…some not...

Am I obligated to purchase an item I bid on at a silent auction?

With many organizations planning fundraiser events this coming holiday season, this is a very timely question.  Often those events feature a silent auction where items are displayed or described in writing, and interested bidders fill in their name, contact...

Is My Will From Another Province Valid In Alberta?

The 2011 Census data indicated that Alberta is the fastest growing province in Canada, with our population now reaching 3.6 million.  With such growth fueled by newcomers, those from other parts of the country may wonder if their will, prepared in another province, is...

Improving Insurance Claim Success

I am writing this article from a hotel room in San Salvador, El Salvador.  My wife, Krista Turko, and I love to travel and our wanderings often give me a glimpse into the legal realities in other parts of the world.  Today, while returning from a visit to San Salvador...

3 Common Legal Errors in Small Business

It’s often helpful to learn from the mistakes of others when you can, so I thought I would share some real-life pitfalls I have seen occur in recent months from my entrepreneur clients.  Of course all identifying details have been removed, but I thought I would share...

What should I do if I have been a victim of online defamation?

With the explosion of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and so on, our online identities are becoming a significant part of our personal and professional lives.  Although these sites can be great sources of entertainment, socialization and...

3 Dangerous Assumptions to Make in Your Business

I've previously shared a few cautionary tales, or what not to do in starting or running your business from a legal perspective. The response was very positive so I thought I would share a few dangerous assumptions that I have seen many business owners make and how...

Developing a Social Media Policy for Your Business

I recently completed a file for a client in need of a social media policy to guide his employees on acceptable use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  As is often the case, the need was identified when a real-world issue arose.  Specifically, after a company...

I’m planning to have a holiday party. Is there any risk to me if someone drinks too much and has an accident on their way home?

We’ve all seen this situation.  That wacky uncle has a little too much spiced rum and egg nog and is wobbling like a poorly balanced Christmas tree.  Luckily all our uncles are smart enough not to get behind the wheel if the party was a little too good…but what if...

What Our Clients Say

Hands down the most thorough and knowledgeable lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Also no clock starting when you knock on the door like those other guys. If you are looking for a really good lawyer with a ton of experience and insight this is your guy! Very happy and will use exclusively. Kyle Gronning

Founder & CEO, Believe Fit

When I was in the process of buying a house, I looked online for real estate lawyers to help with the purchase. I chose Ben as he had good reviews online. Right of the bat, when I first met Ben, I knew I had picked a good one. I was entertained the moment I walked in his office. As stressful as buying a house can be, Ben and his team made it easy for me.  Here’s how I would sum up my experience with Benjamin’s service – Friendly, Prompt, Honest, Personalize and Efficient. Jan Ray Moncada

Edmonton, Alberta

Ben is someone you want to deal with!  My business partner and I have used him for all of our business needs as well as personal real estate purchases and could not be happier.  He makes talking to a lawyer something you don’t mind doing and I will continue to HIGHLY recommend Ben’s professional services!!!! Matt MacRae

Co-Owner, Akrivis Machine Inc.

Very knowledgeable in real estate transactions, and takes the extra time to safeguard his clients interests. Jason Paul

Realtor, Re/Max Elite

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