Internet Law

Edmonton Internet LawyerThe internet presents countless opportunities for business, entertainment and socializing. However, with these constantly evolving capabilities come a number of legal issues that every business, and even individuals should be aware of. These include copyright issues, defamation risks, e-commerce policies, terms of use, privacy matters and many more. I have worked in the internet space for over a decade since starting to build websites while I was in university, to being involved in online ventures, and now advising businesses on many internet related legal issues.

Areas I can assist with include:

  • Social Media Policies;
  • Copyright Issues;
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Creation;
  • Service Contracts;
  • Website Development Agreements;
  • Distribution Agreements; and
  • Confidentiality Agreements

I have a passion for technology, business and great ideas, so if your business lives on the internet or simply accepts it as a factor to be managed please contact me to discuss your unique needs.